Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Amos the Ancient Prophet – The Collabos Vol. 2 (2010)

01. Corinthians (feat. Bomshot & Holocaust)
02. Losin My Grip (feat. Unknown, Lord Lhus & Eternel)
03. Lament Configuration (feat. Beretta 9 & Sick Since (Cutz by: DJ Extremidiz))
04. Dark Seed Of Evil (feat. Explicito & Jotaka)
05. The Condemned (feat. Fatah Death & Calico (Cutz by: DJ Twisted))
06. Evolve Or Die (feat. Destiny Lab)
07. 7-Fold Ray (feat. Riishii G7 (Cutz by: DJ Extremidiz))
08. Legacy Of Sorrow (feat. Poetic Death)
09. Triumph & Tragedy (feat. Timbo King & Solomon Childs)
10. Blood Angels (feat. SE7ENSANDMAN & Tesla's Ghost of Circle Makerz (Cutz by: DJ Twisted))
11. Saturn Day (feat. Son Of Saturn)
12. Moondance (feat. White Lotus, Seraph Guard & Dictator)
13. Hell Ya Facin (feat. Icabod Chang, Animal Cracker, Manorizm & Vital)
14. Tears Of Blood (feat. Powder, Mark Deez, Dr. iLL & Lord Lhus)
15. Veil Of Forgotten Kings (feat. Show Divine)


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