Friday, April 22, 2011

RyPa – Sin Eater (2011)

01. Ruler Of The Realm (feat. Russya)
02. Razor Spheres (feat. Si-klon)
03. Snough Monkey
04. He Behind the Aftermath (Sinterlude)
05. Return Of The Exorcist
06. The Bannishment Rebellion (feat. Azrael The Silent Angel)
07. Dominator
08. ElectryChair Ferris Wheel (feat. Dark)
09. Absolution (Sinterlude)
10. Exyt Bag
11. The Exorcisms Aftermath (feat. Souljah Priests)
12. The Neat Monster
13. There's Trouble In The Air (feat. pHil and Si-Klon)
14. Camp Concentration (feat. Oz Arc Raider, General X, and Alpha Sigma)
15. The Dust (Sinterlude)
16. ByBle Paper 122
17. The Unforgiven (feat. Azrael The Silent Angel)
18. Nothing (Xodus)

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