Saturday, June 18, 2011

Imperial Skillz Empera – Symphony of Sickness (2011)

01. Symphony Of Sickness
02. The Return Of Da Realness
03. Legend Of Legends
04. Master Of Horror
05. Illuminati
06. Shaolin Symphony
07. Black Rambos
08. Tunnels Of Sickness
09. Sweet Death
10. Lust Of Revenge
11. Empty Swingset
12. Antibodies
13. Fuck Governments
14. Kolchi Madyour Lih
15. ArmyOfDarkness
16. Venemous Syringe
17. Larmes Entrelacйes
18. Sickness
19. Shinobi S Revenge
20. Straße / Zan9a

Featured Artists: Righteous Da Godess, Eclypse, Solomon Childs, IDE, King David, The AbSouljah, Gamblez, Sick Since, Poetic Death, Icabod Chang, Billy Tha Kid, Pryme Prolifik, TheForceQ, Dark Energy, Nephilm, Lord Gamma, Ancient Astronautes, Animal Cracker, The Fact, Si-klon, Arcanegel, Vise Versa, Gusto Malenko, Det The Bomb, Professor Graveface, Ern Dawgy, Younez, Roibeur, Haroune L Manethon, Corrosive Dosage, Snefru, Life Scientist, Chek Damaize, TSW CREW, Zonah, Vagabond, Shinobi Ironfist, Mighty Warrior, Papzt Der Atheist & Chrif!

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