Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rawgitt Sunn – Killah fAm (2010)

01. Wu-Corpology
02. Sunn Residence
03. Deadly Combustion
04. Expanding Darkness (feat. AMMOeinser)
05. Argentum (feat. Erks Orion)
06. Don't Leave Me Lonely (feat. Drizzy)
07. Jazzy Live (feat. Enigmatiko)
08. Snow Whites (feat. Chap-elz)
09. G.O.D. [Galactix Ordering Dynamics] (feat. Erks Orion)
10. Assault Battery (feat. Da Invidious Rebel)
11. Opposite Roads (feat. Enigmatiko)
12. Dangerous (feat. Superkiriko)
13. The Preceptor
14. Rain Come Down (feat. AMMOeinser)
15. Revelation of the Forgotten (feat. Speck Da Venom)
16. Shaolin Style Snipets
17. Test The Steez (feat. NLZ & Makeba Mooncyle)
18. Holez [Revamped]
19. El Juego De La Vida (feat. Random)
20. UpScale [Bonus] (feat. Da Invidious Rebel)

Thanks to Rawgitt Sunn & whole Wu-Latino

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