Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ronin Priest – Lord Of The Sword (2011)

01. Lord Of The Sword
02. This Is War (feat. Omen Ra & Scar The Messenger)
03. Traning (feat. Iguan)
04. Garden Of Snakes (feat. X-Flame)
05. Cercle Noir (feat. Street & Ammoeinser)
06. The Rebelion
07. The Struggle (feat. Life Scientist)
08. Prieres Et Chatiments (feat. Firas & Lazare)
09. Kill The Priest
10. Deep Water
11. Contemplation (feat. Taiko)
12. Nasa (feat. Erks & Macabean)
This project close the Ronin Priest chapter.No more Priest Shit.
It's the return of Superkirikou A.K.A Love Christ.
Thank y'all 4 the support.

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