Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mr. Coronas – Underground Connection 3 (2011)

01. Enter the Dragon (feat. Maxi Kagemusha)
02. Times Hard In My Life (feat. GuTMistRz)
03. Final Day (Remix) (feat. Perfect K)
04. En El Barrio (feat. Kañerio)
05. Street Revolution (feat. Perfect K & Supreme The Truth)
06. Madre Morena (feat. Sharon)
07. I Love Money & Music Gansgta (feat. Perfect K & GuTMistRz)
08. King of Hip Hop (feat. Perfect K)
09. This Street Theme (feat. Perfect K & GNZ)
10. Sick Magic Hip Hop (feat. GuTMistRz)
11. Guerrilla Warfare (feat. Perfect K & Supreme The Truth)
12. Na Minha Cova (feat. GNZ, Jay Lan, Maxi Kagemusha)

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