Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Omen Ra – The Ra-Surrection (Mixtape) (2011)

01. Evolution
02. Nu Slow Flow
03. On the Surface (feat. DC the Truth, Sick Since, Dox Boogie)
04. What My Eyes See (feat. Gamblez)
05. Who You Think
06. Warriors (feat. DC the Truth, OnDrae)
07. You Should Know (feat. Ill-Mega)
08. King of the Town (Omni3 Blend) (feat. Presto)
09. Despite What They Say (feat. Ill-Mega)
10. Tribulations (feat. Scar the M)
11. Where We At (feat. Ill-Mega)
12. Fall From Grace (Omni3 Blend) (feat. R.D.G)
13. Dungeon Funk (feat. Aslan, Swift Guad, Cenzino)
14. On the Surface Pt. II

Thanks to Omen Ra for share this mixtape!


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