Saturday, August 6, 2011

Seraph Guard – Inherent Divinity (2008)

01. Divine Wind
02. Wandering With Weapons (Come Wonder) (feat. White Lotus)
03. Six Wing (Interlude)
04. Seventh Seal
05. Just The Thought Of Blades (feat. White Lotus)
06. War Of The Ghosts (Bamboo Thickets Interlude)
07. Perpetual Motion Machine (feat. Morning Star)
08. A Shallow Hell (feat. White Lotus)
09. Stragedy (feat. Def Com 7 & Dictator)
10. Truthfall (feat. Morning Star, Dictator & Great White Shark)
11. The Overseer (feat. White Lotus)
12. The Paie Moonlight (Instrumental Interlude)
13. Walls Of Fire (feat. Morning Star)
14. Lblis (Interlude)
15. Red Rain, Black Snow (feat. Mc Signal)
16. Intellectual Aggression (feat. Dictator)
17. Battle At White Mountain (Bonus Track)

Thanks to Voyager & KriminalCity

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