Sunday, October 2, 2011

UndergroundHardCoreRap presents: 3SK – Real Hip-Hop Don't $ell (2011)

01. God Damn
02. Blurry Vision Visionary
03. Pass the Time
04. 123SK
05. Teach You How To Count (feat. Pasquarosa)
06. Nick Names
07. I Stank Like Weed
08. Sit Back (feat. Pasquarosa)
09. Act Like a Punk
10. Not Gonna Die Today
11. Life is a Gamble
12. It Is What It Is
13. Put In On Re-Play (feat. The Boondoc Saints)
14. Why Do I Write
15. My Pain
16. Another Roach in the Tray (feat. Pasquarosa)

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