Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Imperial Skillz Empera presentz– Underground Kn0ck0ut Chamberz (Mixtape) (2011)

01. Excalibur (feat. 7th 7ign)
02. 60 Second (feat. 60 Second Assassin, 12 O'clock, Chi-King & Timbo King)
03. The Shoulders of Giants (feat. ATMA)
04. Chop Em Up With Da Chakra (feat. ATMA & Jahnigga Da Baptist)
05. 5th Chamber (feat. Bronze Nazareth Ft. 12 O'clock, Prodigal Sunn & Sean Price)
06. Warriors Drum (feat. Buddha Monk & Da Manchuz)
07. Rest In Peace Rap Legends (feat. Guru, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Big Pun & Big L)
08. Hip Hop Fury (feat. GZA, RZA, Hell Razah, Timbo King & Dreddy Kruger)
09. Buried Alive (feat. Hell Razah)
10. Pool of Blood (feat. Jus Allah & GZA)
11. Clash of The Titans (feat. Killarmy)
12. Wake Up (feat. Killarmy & Sunz Of Man)
13. Heist of The Century (feat. La the Darkman & Killa Sin)
14. Bloody Tarantules (feat. Rasul Allah & Contribution X)
15. Soldiers of Darkness (feat. Sunz Of Man & Killarmy)
16. Magnum Force (feat. U-God, Jim Jones & Sleek Louch)
17. Wildstyle (feat. U-God & Lethafase)
18. 5 Element Ninjaz (feat. Zu Ninjaz)

Imperial Skillz Empera presentz: Underground Kn0ck0ut Chamberz, a collection of new and undreleased blends from 60 second assassin, Hell Razah, GZA, U-God, Sunz of Man, Da Manchuz, Killarmy, La The Darkman, 7th 7ign, ATMA, Rasul Allah ect. Special shout-out to Cuban-Linx & Imperial Skillz Empera. All tracks mixed and blended by Imperial Skillz Empera


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