Saturday, December 31, 2011


Dear Friends,
We would like to wish a Happy New Year to all visitors, readers, downloaders and people who support the real hip-hop! One love to you all !! We hope, that the next year will be better than this and rappers / DJ's / producers will surprise us !

Take this opportunity we would like to give a special thank to: Cuban-Linx (one love), WTCF►, KriminalCity, UndergroundHardCoreRap, Skematics, Dez Flight Underground, BCCFoLife, Wu-Soldiers, Wu-Tang-Corp, Wu-International, GuTMistRz, mCo, Drunken Monk, Hemera Under, Maxi Kagemusha, Voyager, Tea, HighChief, Iguan, Mr. Coronas, DarkBlade, ABC, Hidden Chamberz, Amos the Ancient Prophet, FeLo, Wu-Brick, Perfecta, Grandmaster X, Reccollectah, Timmy, Fats Eardrum, Tom Dice, bNd, Graf Cratedigger, Fubar, D'Killah Bee Elliott, Senny Mojżesz, Martwy Snajper, Wombat, Kroogy, Zgedi, Aneeway Jones, Perfect K, 4th Assassin, Lacro, DJ Twisted, DJ Pantro, Patryko, Koobilai, 矢内憲, Neocon Deathstar, BRZ, MUK, Stopkaz, Kozak, Kin Cee, Lord Zero, Apoka, KGP, Sandman, Imperial Skillz Empera, Mushson (I hope, that you will send me your new tracks), Justice Equality, Khristian Aguado and all those who were omitted !!!

Steelface and MrsVint Mentalz -- REST IN PEACE !!

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