Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tom Dice And His Orchestra – Mike Needs Music (Instrumental) (2012)

01. Dicecopade
02. Colombian Neck Fly
03. Ringside
04. Electric Windows
05. Slow Love
06. Blak And Bluez
07. Cavey's Cave
08. Well, Well, Well
09. Planet Irf
10. Goodnight And Thank You

This is Tom Dice's latest entirely instrumental LP following on from"Off Beat Percussion". The immense interest in both "Off Beat Percussion"and the Phantom's "The Anomaly" has persuaded Tom to bless his audience with another LP. The title suggests MC'S need proper music to rhyme to in an increasingly oversaturated market. Tom says these are beats for MCs to get deep on and rather cryptically suggests "they are bangers to get mashed to". This will be Tom's last instrumental LP for a while before he drops his solo LP as a lyricist and also solo lyricist LPs by both the Phantom and 0026 of 90's iconic group Dynametrix.


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