Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bronze Nazareth – The Migration Sessions (2012)

01. The Pain (Instrumental)
02. Instrumental (Interlude)
03. A Nice Hell (Good Morning) (Instrumental)
04. Hear What I Say! (Instrumental)
05. One Plan (Instrumental)
06. The BronzeMan (Instrumental)
07. Black Royalty (Instrumental)
08. Poem Burial Ground (Instrumental)
09. Fragments Of A Man (Preview Unreleased)
10. Chambers Of Four [Ancestors Ode] (Preview Unreleased)
11. More Than Gold (Original Version)
12. $ Cash Rules (Reprise)

Bronze Nazareth coordinates with branding co. to give you - The Migration Sessions. Backed by the polished fashion expertise of Rick Williams (Burn Rubber) Distinct Life re-opens the vault, to bring you a glimpse into the sounds of the Great Migration, a modern Hip Hop Classic. Included are a few never before heard selections from the Migration sessions, as well as several instrumentals from the LP. Enjoy!


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