Saturday, June 16, 2012

FUBAR – Darkness Returns (2012)

01. Intro
02. Bird of Prey
03. Shao Khan (feat. Pro Pyatno & Old Child)
04. It's Not a Game (feat. Baby Jayne)
05. Sekta (feat. The Jotaka, Perfect K & Verb)
06. Melancholy Death
07. Politics as Usual (feat. Baby Jayne & Sacred Age)
08. Toxic Shit (feat. Dr. Creep, Infeck, Verb & Neordhaz)
09. Enemy in the Mirror (feat. Lacro)
10. Mental Torture (feat. Apostolus)
11. Ya Esta (feat. The Jotaka & Topas)
12. Burned Down Summer (feat. St.SL & Old Child)
13. True Hip-Hop (feat. Dark Energy, Shinobi Kush, Mr. Coronas & Gnz)
14. Armour of the Gods (feat. Kryptik)
15. Environment (feat. Louie Sad)
16. Apocalypse (feat. Treviso, Baby Jayne & The Jotaka)
17. Dark Resurrection (feat. The Jotaka, $ick, C.Rae & Da Shafta)
18. What I Do (feat. Adlib)
19. Kill, Death, Murder (feat. One Up, Schematic & Baby Jayne)
20. Lightning in Storms (Funk Volume Contest IV Verse)

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