Monday, October 15, 2012

Spiri2all – Ferry Tales (2012)

01. L'embarquement (Intro)
02. La résistance est évidente (feat. Krimophonik)
03. Trop de choses à dire (feat. La Vermine & Phylo Mic)
04. Loups solitaires (feat. Nemo)
05. Le voile se lève (feat. Ed Bazz)
06. Planète révélations (feat. Torpa)
07. Dans les mailles du filet (feat. Nellio)
08. Anarchistes alarmistes (feat. Ed Bazz & Torpa)
09. Pas de ça ici (feat. Krimophonik)
10. La vie est belle (feat. La Plume)
11. Dateci qualche minuto... (feat. Casa Degli Specchi)
12. 5 Mori (feat.Futta)

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

FUBAR – Before the Legend EP (2012)

01. Visionary
02. It Is I
03. Garbage (feat. Investor Gajet)
04. 8-Bar Diagram (feat. HG Mtz, The Jotaka, Childish, Grone Da Radikal & Apostolus)
05. Continuum of Violence (feat. The Jotaka & Secret Age)
06. Super 4 (feat. Mr. Coronas, Secret Age & Perfect K)
07. Platic Claims (feat. T-Bizz)
08. Weaponized Dope

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hy-Definition – The Voices (EP) (2012)

01.Higher Ground (feat. Trace Blam)
02.Proud Of Me (feat. Nieve & Marie)
04.My Mind (feat. Noah King)

Hip-Hop duo, Hy-Definition (which consists of Producer SoulChef and Lyricist K.Wiz), present their latest project “The Voices”.

The Voices pays homage to five distinguished artists who have inspired Hy-Definition’s sound. The music of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, David Ruffin, Michael Jackson, and Selena represent the dichotomy between talent and tragedy. Each Song on the EP is sampled from these 5 legends. These artists were all taken from us before their time and all we have left are their voices their recordings.

The Voices is produced entirely by SoulChef who lays down the foundation with Soul Sampled, boom bap beats. While K.wiz expresses through lyrical wizardry about family, life, self reflection, music and future hopes. Featurings by Nieve, Noah King, Trace Blam and Marie add the finishing touches by adding a bit of contrast to K.wiz’s Vocals.
We will all leave this earth one day, yet the captured memories will remain forever. Remember The Voices.

Jus Daze – Bow II The Bow (EP) (2012)

01. Intro
02. Bow II The Bow
03. Fuck Ya Legz (feat. Nems)
04. Victim of a Vic
05. Betina
06. Sugar Mountain
07. Pun Intended
08. Bow Outro

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tom Dice – Only The Beginning / Tears Run Dry (2012) [Buy]

This is MC/Producer Tom Dice's first vocal 7" from his forthcoming LP Rhythms Of Dice. 'Only the Beginning' (Side A) expresses reminisces of eighties artists Jazzy Jay, Spoonie Gee, Jeckyll & Hyde and Soul Sonic Force.
'Tears Run Dry' (Side B) relives frustrations of the 90's in trying to survive and produce underground music

You may need to be quick if you want one...

Ruderaliz – W Oceanie Spraw (2008)

01. 20 lat
02. Każdy dzień
03. Idę z bitem
04. Powiedz dlaczego
05. Czapka (skit)
06. Czapka na uszy
07. Ruderaliz crew
08. Upadłeś
09. Super partia
10. Chłopak popatrz
11. Pokora
12. Ja dobrze wiem
13. Patrze na ten świat
14. Dzień dobry
15. Jest jak jest
16. Co jest z nami
17. Minuta [outro]


Friday, September 28, 2012

Thanks for 50, 000 views.

In these difficult times for blog we are proud to say that our blog has exceeded the 50,000 views !!

We'd like to say thanks to y'all who've supported us for almost two years. We ain't gonna stop dropping the real hip-hop for you.

Peace !